Sluffwipes Pre-Tan Prep Wipes

SluffWIPES Sunless Uses:

Great for...

• AVOID STAINING! SluffWIPES easily wipe away DHA from palms of hands, nails, cuticles and bottoms of feet to avoid discoloration after sunless tanning.

• SluffWIPES are ideal for "detailing" tricky areas after spray tanning like elbows, wrists, ankles and toes.

• Will not streak or dilute tanning sunless tanning results like baby wipes.

• Freshly cleansed and exfoliated skin typically develops darker sunless color that lasts longer.

• Exfoliating prior to sunless tanning can help prevent poor fading of a sunless tan.

• 99.99% Natural Formula is free of alcohols and solvents that can irritate skin.

• Fresh clean scent helps reduce DHA development odor.

• Perfect for walk-ins and unprepared clients that need fast cleansing and exfoliation.

• Canisters are great for mobile tanners and home use with your favorite self-tanning lotion - no granular mess.

• Improves and enhances all sunless & UV tanning sessions.
• When used before any sunless tanning, the fresh clean scent helps minimize DHA development odor.

Uses in Salons & Spas:

Ideal for use with...

• Sunless Tanning Services (airbrush, booth spray, and Bronzing Treatments)
• Before & After UV Tanning
• Revive Manicures
• Revive Pedicures
• Post massage
• Pre Massage
• Pre/Post Waxing
• Pre/Post Body wraps
• Chest /Back Facials
• Post Salt Glows
• Pre/Post Hydrotherapy Baths
• Pre/Post Mud Wraps
• Airbrush Make-up

Key benefits...

Easily control level of exfoliating action by the amount of pressure you apply while wiping your skin. Use gentle pressure for sensitive skin or press a little firmer for rough, dry skin.

SluffWIPES offers Spas and Salons an alternative to messy, granular, oily scrubs when they need fast, effective spa exfoliation with easier clean up.

SluffWIPES are hygenic, rejuvenating spa wipes that gently cleanse, pH balance and exfoliate the skin removing toxins and dead skin cells. This helps increase the efficiency of slimming, toning, sunless tanning & other skin treatment products.
Enhance your everyday salon services with SluffWIPES!
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SluffWIPES at Home:


  • • Use a new wipe each time you shower as a hygienic alternative to bacteria laden exfoliating sponges.

  • • Freshen up in a flash before applying sunless products at home.

  • • Great for use after working out & exercising.

  • • Leave a SluffWIPES canister in the refrigerator on hot summer days for a refreshing, cool down treat on the skin.

  • • Use the Blue Side of a SluffWIPE to gently sluff bikini areas to prevent ingrown hairs.

  • • Need a quick mini-manicure & pedicure at home? Use SluffWIPES to exfoliate, recondition and smooth out unsightly dry patches on feet and hands in seconds.

  • • Great for smoothing out dry, mature skin that is rarely exfoliated, and visibly flaky.

  • • Ideal for sloughing off dead, dry skin on heels, elbows & knees renewing skin’s appearance quickly.

  • • Remove old tan build up around fingers, feet and ankles.