Moroccan Mineral Facial Tanner

mistake proof... for the face & neck

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Product: Moroccan Mineral Facial Tanner
Size: 50ml (1.7 fl. oz.)
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  1. Q: What makes Moroccan Mineral Facial Tanner different?
    A: Some facial tanning lotions require days of consecutive application before you start to see a “tan” develop. Others have a dark tint that washes away when you cleanse your face, leaving behind nothing but disappointment. Spray tans are fantastic, but some clients complain that the tinted spray gets into their pores around the nose, chin and forhead, creating the appearance of blackheads for several days! Moroccan Mineral Shimmering Sands Facial Tanner is different for several reasons:

    • It goes on sheer; there are no dyes or tints.
    • A long lasting, toasty tan develops after just one application.
    • It is the clean and easy way to appear sun tanned without any UVA/UVB exposure.
    • You can control how deep you want your tan to be by how much you apply.
    • It is formulated with anti-oxidants, amino acids and botanicals for the exceptional care of delicate facial skin.
    • It feels comfortable on the skin.
    • It has a clean and light citrus scent.

  2. Q: Can I use Facial Tanner on my arms & legs?
    A:We suggest you use the Moroccan Mineral Dark Self Tanning Lotion for the Body because it has a dark brown color guide to help ensure you achieve a flawless application. The sheer, Shimmering Sands color guide of Moroccan Mineral Facial Tanner was developed expressly for delicate facial skin. It is easy to apply to a small area like the face and neck, but can be a challenge to apply perfectly to larger parts of the body. Here is a link to our Moroccan Mineral Dark Self Tanning Lotion for the Body.

  3. Q: I am afraid to try a Moroccan Mineral Shimmering Sands Facial Tanner, what if it looks weird on me?
    A: Moroccan Mineral Facial Tanner develops according to each individuals' skin tone to ensure a natural looking color develops and glows like a real suntan.

    • Streak Free Tan
    • A Toasty Tan Developed Color – Never Orange!
    • Easy to apply and quick to dry with a shimming mineral tint for beauty and traceability.
    Please keep in mind that though your skin will appear tanned, it is not safe from sun exposure, and does not act like a "base" tan. Protect your skin with regular use of sunscreens.

  4. Q: I want a Moroccan Mineral Face Tan, will I need to use a darker foundation or powder?
    A: Most likely. Moroccan Mineral will create a healthy brown glow that is anywhere from 1-4 shades darker than your “un-sunned” complexion – you should plan on using a powder or foundation that matches. Remember, you can control how dark you want your tan by how many layers you initially apply.

  5. Q: What make up looks best with a Moroccan Mineral Facial Tan?
    A: We have tried hundreds of different foundations over the years, and we have narrowed it down to two favorites. To create the appearance of a flawless looking complextion to compliment your tan, we LOVE Jane Iredales's Pressed Base Mineral Powder - it gives exceptional coverage and has an UVA/UVB SPF 20. If you prefer a liquid make-up, then we suggest you try HD Invisible Cover Foundation by Make Up Forever. It gives the skin a seemingly flawless glow that gets noticed and complemented in any light. If you like full, but 'feels light' coverage, try them together. Both are long lasting and give the skin a flawless, natural glow with or without a tan.

  6. Q: What does Shimmering Sands feel like?
    A: Shimmering Sands has luxurious consistency with a light and creamy texture. It smoothes on like face cream, but it quickly dries to a soft, satin finish that feels comfortable your skin (never sticky, greasy or tacky).

  7. Q: Will Shimmering Sands dry out my skin like other self tanners?
    A: Though DHA is inherently drying, Shimmering Sands was developed to be an extremely hydrating formula with rich moisturizers and anti-oxidants.

  8. Q: What does Moroccan Mineral Facial Tanner smell like?
    A: Moroccan Mineral has a clean, light tropical citrus scent that was specifically formulated to drastically reduce DHA development odor

  9. Q: Can I apply my night cream over my Shimmer Sands Facial Tanner.
    A: For best results, it is best to let Shimmering Sands “do its thing” without interference of other products. Our hydrating formula leaves skin comfortable, and generally users don’t feel the need for a night cream. You can continue your normal skin care regimine in the morning.

  10. Q: Can I apply Shimmering Sands during the day?
    A: Shimmering Sands does not contain a sunscreen, and does not protect skin against sunburn. We recommend using the product in the evening, on clean skin for maximum results.

  11. Q: Can I apply Shimmering Sands under Make-up?
    A: Some clients like to apply Mineral Powder (that contains SPF) over their Shimmering Sands Facial Tanner. If you choose to do this, please make sure you allow at least 15 minutes for the Shimmering Sands to fully absorbed before lightly dusting on Mineral Powder.

  12. Q: What might fade or affect my sunless tan?
    A: To maintain the beauty and depth of your sunless tan, it is best temporarily avoid certain skin care products / regimens such as.
    • Retinol products & skin bleaching/ fading products.
    • Acne treatment products containing benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, AHA’s or BHA’s.
    • Toners, Lotions or Serums containing alcohol or witch hazel.
    • Microdermabrasion
    • Facial scrubs masks and strips.
    • Facial waxing / laser