Moroccan Mineral Facial Tanner

mistake proof... for the face & neck

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Product: Moroccan Mineral Facial Tanner
Size: 50ml (1.7 fl. oz.)
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how to use:
Give yourself a UV-free tan you while you sleep! Apply before bed, in place of your night cream, and wake up with glowing, tan skin. Blend evenly over clean and exfoliated skin. Apply it just as you would a liquid foundation, using care around hairline and eyebrows. Wash hands well immediately after use to avoid "tanning" fingers. Reapply every few days as desired. This product does not contain a sunscreen, and will not protect against sunburn - this is why evening application is recommended.

For a Medium/Dark Tan:
Use 1 pump for face & neck

For a Dark & Toasty Tan:
Use 2 pumps for face and neck

Apply 1 layer at a time.
Moroccan Mineral Facial Tanner Tips

Tips for a Flawless Facial Tan
Moroccan Mineral Facial Tanner was designed to be easy and mistake proof, but we know everyone's complexion faces different challenges at any given time. Here are some simple tips to make sure you get the best "tan" possible.

1) Clean, Exfoliated Skin Tans Best:

-Your face is your canvas, make sure it is clean & exfoliated.

-Let skin completely dry for at least 10 minutes before you begin your application of Moroccan Mineral Facial Tanner.

2) Details, Details, Details...

- Before you begin, pull back your hair - make sure it will not be in your way. For longer hair, a headband / pony tail combo is best.

- Always apply Moroccan Mineral Facial Tanner one layer at a time. Blend the Facial Tanner into the skin using an overlapping circular motion. Be sure you cover all areas of your face and neck... don't forget your ears.

- Try using just two fingers when applying the product around the eyebrows, hairline, mouth and nostrils. Finger tip application in tight areas can help you control your application ensuring precise results.

Layering Tip:
1 Layer (1 full pump) = Results in a Medium Tan
2 Layers (2 full pumps) = Results in a Medium - Dark Tan

- Avoid applying product to light colored eyebrows and hairline.

3) Skin Issues: Dry skin, Patchy Skin, Blemished Skin:

- Because DHA (active ingredient) tends to develop darker in dry areas, you want to make sure you dilute it's absorption wherever dry skin lingers. For some people, these dry areas are usually around the nose, chin and mouth. Immediately following your Facial Tanner application, lightly moisten a Q-tip with water or facial toner and gently dab dry areas.

4) Wash your hands...

- Always wash your hands well after each application to avoid "tanning" the palms of your hands.

- Remember - no touching. Keep your hands off your face for at least 30 minutes.

5) Keep Dry...

Perspiration and moisture can negatively affect the even development of your sunless tan -- avoid activities that will make you perspire or get wet until your color develops with 6 hours. Keep your hair off of our skin for at least 10-15 minutes post application.

- We recommend waiting at least 30 minutes for Moroccan Mineral Facial Tanner to completely absorb before resting your face on a pillow or bedding.

6) Wash Off...

After 6 hours or more, wash your face with a gentle cleanser. Avoid wash cloths, facial brushes or other exfoliators.

Check out our Facial Tanner FAQ Section for more information & helpful hints