Moroccan Mineral Dark Self-Tanning Lotion
Application Directions

  1. EXFOLIATE: Use Tropical Enzyme Body Scrub in the shower, or use an exfoliating mitt, to gently remove dead skin cells and gently even out skin’s surface. Rinse thoroughly.

    TIP: You can also use SluffWIPES in or out of the shower for express cleansing and exfoliation.
  2. MOISTURIZE BENDABLE AREAS: This is an essential step to successful self-tanning... apply a generous layer of Caribbean Smoothie Body Cream (or a hydrating lotion) ONLY to dry, bendable areas (knees, elbows, feet, ankles, and hands) and allow it to soak in. Applying a moisturizer to these areas will dilute DHA absorption and help you achieve natural looking results.
  3. APPLICATION: IMPORTANT - Always wear form fitting latex or non-latex gloves when applying Moroccan Mineral Dark Self-Tanning Lotion. Gloves help to prevent discoloration of your palms and they make it easier to blend the product into your skin evenly.

    Start by dispensing a small amount and smooth evenly over your skin, one section at a time. Start with your legs and feet, working your way up the body. Use light pressure in an overlapping circular motion to evenly blend in the color guide - do not over rub. Your goal is to evenly blend Moroccan Mineral into your skin using the bronze color as your visual application guide. Don't worry if the color appears slightly streaky, when you shower after 6 hours, a smooth even tan will be revealed.

    TIP: Consider using a cosmetic sponge to apply to your face to ensure controlled placement of the product around the hairline, nose and jaw line.
  4. APPLYING TO BENDABLE AREAS: Apply Moroccan Mineral sparingly on the areas of your body where you do not want to have excessive color – these would be the areas you applied Moisturizer to: feet, hands, elbows, knees, ankles and toes. Unnaturally dark elbows, ankles, hands and knees are unsightly!
  5. WHILE YOU ARE DRYING: Allow 10-15 minutes for Moroccan Mineral to “set” and dry. During this time, you can use a SluffWIPE or a moist wipe to touch up areas that you do not want tanned: do a quick swipe over your toenails, tops of toes, Achilles tendon, finger nails, cuticles, ankles and in-between fingers and toes. Carefully wipe the area between your wrist and the palm of your hand to ensure a seamless blend.

    TIP: If you are in a high humidity area, you can also use a blow dryer on a cool setting to help expedite your drying time.
  6. GETTING DRESSED: After Moroccan Mineral Dark Self-Tanning Lotion has completely dried, slip into dark loose fitting cotton clothing. You may find it most convenient to apply Moroccan Mineral in the evening, so once it has dried, you can slip into your comfiest cotton PJ’s and wake up with a beautiful tan.
  7. TIME UNTIL SHOWER: After application, wait at least 6 hours before showering for best results.
Please Note: Although Moroccan Mineral provides a beautiful bronze color, it does not provide protection from the sun. It is still important to use a sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection when exposed to sunlight.