Sluffwipes Pre-Tan Prep Wipes

Achieve 20%-30% better tanning results

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Product: SluffWIPES Canister
Size: 40 count - 7" X 10" wipes
Retail Price: $28.95
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  1. Q: How are SluffWIPES™ different from baby wipes or other wipes?
    A: It is all in the design and the formula. Baby wipes and personal cleansing wipes typically contain oils, alcohols or moisturizers that leave behind residues on the skin that can streak or dilute your tanning results. SluffWIPES were uniquely developed and formulated to improve sunless tanning results. SluffWIPES feature fast, convenient 3 in 1 action — each wipe effectively cleanses, exfoliates and pH balances the skin prior to sunless tanning. SluffWIPES are pre-moistened and ready to use — there is no messy rinsing or drying required. Each wipe features a unique dual texture with built in sluffing fibers that are effectively exfoliate the skin prior to tanning. Expert chemists formulated a special pH balancing rinsing solution (it is what keeps the wipes moist) that perfectly primes skin without residues, stickiness or oils. This preparation creates an optimal environment for DHA and DHA/Erythrulose (Sunless Tanners) products to do their tanning work on the skin!
  2. Q: Why did you make SluffWIPES?
    A: We LOVE sunless tanning but didn't always have time for all the prep work needed to achieve a great sunless tan. We all know clean skin tans best, but jumping in the shower, exfoliating, drying off and then applying sunless products takes too long! SluffWIPES make sunless tanning prep easy, fast and effective, without oily scrubs, loofahs or shower time.
  3. Q: Should I use SluffWIPES before Airbrush tanning, UV Tanning or Spray tanning?
    A: ABSOLUTLY! SluffWIPES are ultra convenient for use at salons and spas offering airbrush tanning, spray booth tanning and tanning services. Now you can be prepared for tanning whenever you drop in for an airbrush tan or sunless tanning service. SluffWIPES assist in removing surface impurities and the dead skin cells, so products can penetrate evenly and effectively! Take the mystery out of what is on the skin and use SluffWIPES immediately prior to sunless tanning services for enhanced results every time!
  4. Q: Do SluffWIPES work with all sunless tanning products?
    A: Yes! SluffWIPES perfectly prime the outermost layer of the skin (where DHA reacts) to ensure that the skin is even, smooth, rinsed and pH balanced. All of the ingredients in our unique SluffWIPES formula were designed to perfectly optimize DHA or DHA / Erythrulose sunless tanning formulations. Nothing in SluffWIPES will interfere with sunless tanners. SluffWIPES were specifically designed to enhance and improve ALL sunless tanning results.
  5. Q: I UV tan in the sun and in tanning beds... should I still use SluffWIPES?
    A: YES. The exfoliation and cleansing action of SluffWIPES prepares the skin for UV tanning. By removing dead dry skin and surface pollutants (such as dirt, soap scum, oils, and perspiration), UV light is able to better penetrate and absorb more effectively creating vastly improved tanning results. SluffWIPES should be an essential part of your UV tanning regimen. Please keep in mind, SluffWIPES do not contain a sunscreen and do not protect against sunburn.
  6. Q: I don't tan, can I still use SluffWIPES?
    A: SluffWIPES are great for use 2-3 times a week just for keeping your entire body satiny smooth and soft to the touch. SluffWIPES unique sluffing fabric leaves you refreshed and invigorated without irritation. They are suitable for all types of skin and loved by both men and women! Click Here to learn more ways to use SluffWIPES at home & in your salon / spa business!
  7. Q: What does it feel like?
    A: The most common responses from SluffWIPE users is that they are extremely refreshing! They leave skin satiny smooth and noticeably softer!
  8. Q: Anything Else?
    A: Well, here are the some of the key features:
    • 100% Oil Free
    • 100% Alcohol Free
    • Pre-Moistened with Gentle Exfoliating Ingredients
    • Residue Free Cleansing System
    • Fresh scent helps reduce DHA development odor
    • pH Balancing Formula
    • Amazing Dual Textured surface for exfoliating, cleansing and pH balancing action
    • Great for all skin types. Gentle enough for sensitive skin
    • Packaged in a re-sealable canister of 40 wipes to ensure freshness AND in new Professional Wall Mounted Center Pull Dispensers with 200 count refill rolls of larger SluffWIPES!
    • SluffWIPES are also great for sluffing off a stubborn "old tan" that may be left behind from previous sunless tanning build up.
    • Great for use before airbrush make-up!

Click Here to learn more ways to use SluffWIPES at home & in your salon / spa business!