Tropical Enzyme Scrub

An enzymatic purée that exfoliates the skin with a tropical blast of natural fruit extracts and Micro Beads.

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Product: Tropical Enzyme Scrub
Size: 8 fl. oz.
Retail Price: $29.95 Inc GST
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Key Ingredients:
• Pineapple Enzymes
• Papaya Extract
• Mango Extract
• Western Larch Tree Extract
• Banana Extract
• Amino Acid Complex
• Buffing Micro-Spheres
• Mild Cleanser

Benefits: This clean-rinsing formula is oil-free, leaving the skin perfectly primed for sunless tanning. Ensures all sunless tans will develop on the skin in a more uniform manner for deeper, longer lasting results.

Pre-Tan: Use in the shower before any sunless tanning treatment.

After-Tan: A few days following your tan, use this natural enzymatic purée to brighten and even out dull sunless color without stripping your tan like other scrubs.

Ideal for Use With:
• Self-Tanning Lotions
• Spray Booth Tans
• Airbrush Tans
• UV Tans

See "Recipes for Sunless Success" for more usage information.

Fragrance: Tropical Fruits

Size: 8 fl. oz