Tropical Enzyme Scrub

An enzymatic purée that exfoliates the skin with a tropical blast of natural fruit extracts and Micro Beads.

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Product: Tropical Enzyme Scrub
Size: 8 fl. oz.
Retail Price: $29.95 Inc GST
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Q: What makes Tropical Enzyme Scrub unique?
A: Tropical Enzyme Scrub is clean-rinsing and oil-free. It exfoliates the skin with natural fruit acids rather than harsh abrasives, leaving the skin perfectly primed for sunless tanning. Most shower scrubs (like salt scrubs and sugar scrubs) leave the skin oily. Oils act as a barrier to sunless tanning products and keep them from developing to their full potential. Harsh abrasives such as pumice and nuts shell scrubs can cause tiny scratches on the skin causing irritation.

Q: Can I use a scrub a few days AFTER I sunless tan?
A: Some scrubs may harm your sunless tan, but Tropical Enzyme Scrub actually helps! Our natural enzymatic purée can brighten and even out dull sunless color without stripping your tan like other scrubs. Try it, you will be amazed... but don't try this with other scrubs!

Q: What does Tropical Enzyme Scrub smell like?
A: Yummy, delicious and mouthwatering! When you use Tropical Enzyme Body Scrub in a warm shower, a refreshing aroma of tropical fruits fills the air and enlivens your senses! It is a heavenly sensory experience!