Ultimate Tan Refreshment

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Product: Ultimate Tan Refreshment
Size: 200ml (6.75 fl. oz.)
Retail Price: $34.95
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  1. Q: Does Ultimate Tan Refreshment look natural?
    A: YES! Most people remark that Ultimate Tan Refreshment resembles an, "Outdoorsy look". It's not too dark, not to light - just a noticeably healthy glow on your skin. You can easily control "how glow you wanna go" by tweaking the frequency of your applications.
  2. Q: I am very light skinned — can I use Ultimate Tan Refreshment as a self-tanner?
    A: YES! If you are not ready for the coco-licous color of Moroccan Mineral and want a toned look that's not too tan - Ultimate Tan Refreshment is perfect for you! Each application gradually creates lightly sun tanned appearance on the skin. For best results, alternate daily with Caribbean Smoothie Body Cream to lock in moisture and color.
  3. Q: I always have trouble sunless tanning my hands & feet, they always turn out orange and rusty, what do I do?
    A: Use a small dollop of Ultimate Tan Refreshment on the tops of your hands and feet instead of a full strength sunless tanner. This will create a natural color that is pure perfection!