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If you are interested in making a retail purchase locally, ask your favorite salon, day spa, medi-spa or tanning center about SluffWIPES products. If they don't already carry our products, ask them to contact one of our Wholesale Distributors! If you can't find our products locally, you can order them through this web site.


If you are a salon, day spa, medi-spa, doctor's office, mobile tanner or tanning center and would like to carry our product line, please contact one of our Wholesale Distributors or call us now on 0425-711-773.


If you already distribute products to Wholesale Accounts and are interested in addding our product line, please call 0412 210 105.

Our Top Sellers...

Product shot of SluffWIPES Pre-tan Prep Wipes - Cleanse, Exfoliate and pH Balance!


Cleanse, Exfoliate, pH Balance Pre-Tan Prep wipes — our flagship product.
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Product shot of Moroccan Mineral Dark Self-Tanning Lotion

Ultimate Tan Refreshment

Moroccan Mineral dark self-tanning lotion — a celebrity favorite!
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Product shot of Ultimate Tan Refreshment Tan Extender

Ultimate Tan Refreshment

Ultimate Tan Refreshment — the top rated tan extender.
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